Tweeter Karma Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where did "Twitter Karma" go?
On December 23, 2010, Twitter's Policy and Brand Enforcement team informed us that using the word "Twitter" in our application's name without their permission violated their Trademark Guidelines. So, we changed our name to Tweeter Karma. It's still the same great application, with just a slightly different name.
Q: I'm having a problem with Tweeter Karma!
Most problems that happen with Tweeter Karma are due to Twitter's API Rate Limits.
Q: What is the Twitter API?
The Twitter API is a service provided by Twitter that allows all of your favorite Twitter Applications and Services to access and use Twitter.
Q: What is the rate limit, and what does it have to do with Tweeter Karma?
Twitter's API currently has a rate limit of 100 requests per hour. This limit is per user, every app used by that person takes from that pool of 100 requests. This includes applications for reading Twitter like Blackbird, Twhirl, Tweetdeck, etc.. As well as services like Tweeter Karma, TwitPic, Ping.Fm, etc.
Q: How could this be causing the problem I'm having with Tweeter Karma, and how do I take care of it?
Like all other programs and services, Tweeter Karma requires the use of the API requests to get and send information to and from Twitter. Currently it takes one request to get the information for 100 of your friends and followers. This means that if you have a lot of friends and followers, or use a lot of applications and services, there may not be enough API requests in your pool available for Tweeter Karma to function properly.
Q: How do I fix the problem?
The best way is to limit your request usage as much as possible. The easiest way to do this is to shut down all your Twitter Applications and Services for an hour, after that hour try using Tweeter Karma again.
Q: I've done that, but I'm still having the problem.
There are rare times where Twitter itself doesn't work correctly, and the slow down the service to an insanely low level. During these times applications and services may fail to work correctly. This usually happens during large expos, keynotes, or conventions. If the previous step fails to fix your problem and your other programs are acting weird, you should wait several hours before trying Tweeter Karma again.
Q: I've selected the people, hit bulk follow/unfollow/block and they all became unselected but nothing changed!
In an effort to decrease Tweeter Karma's impact on your pool of API requests, it does not immediatly reflect the changes in your friends and followers. If you are worried that Tweeter Karma did not perform it's function, sign onto Twitter and check to see if they were updated. You can also try leaving Tweeter Karma and logging back in, however this will use requests from the API pool.
Q: The loading screen has been up for a very long time, but it isn't loading.
There are two reasons why the loading screen will be up for a long time. The first reason is just that it's taking a long time to load, if this is your first time using Tweeter Karma or there is a high load on the site this is very likely. However in some very rare cases you may have recieved an error, and the error screen has not come up. This would most likely have to do with a security setting on your computer, check the settings in your chosen browser and any internet security, anti-virus, and firewalls you may have installed. Please refer to the help of the program you use, or search on google, to figure out how to do this for your particular program.
Q: None of those worked, is there anything else I can try?

If you are still experiencing issues with Tweeter Karma you have several other options available that you can try.

  • Go back to the main Tweeter Karma page and try logging back in.
  • In some rare cases clearing the cache of your browser may help solve various issues with Tweeter Karma, if you do not know how to do this there are directions for various browsers located here.
  • If you have not done so yet, try turning off all Twitter applications and services that you use, and try to use Tweeter Karma again after an hour has passed. Note: You can still use during this time.
Q: How do I log out?
You can logout of the site simply by refreshing/reloading the page you are on, this should bring you back to the logon screen, if this does not work try leaving the site completely and returning to it.
Q: Tweeter Karma says that someone has never posted, but I know for a fact that they have, why?
There are two possible reasons why Tweeter Karma may be telling you that someone hasn't posted when they have. The top reason is that the person has a protected timeline, if a users timeline is protected Tweeter Karma is unable to see any of the user's posts and therefore indicates that they have never posted. The second reason is due to problems that sometimes occur with Twitter itself, sometimes Twitter has errors that cause programs like Tweeter Karma to be unable to get the post list of users, so it may indicate that some, or all, of the people in your list have not posted.
Q: Why do I need to give Tweeter Karma my Username/Password, and what do you do with it?
Tweeter Karma needs your User Name and Password to get the information about your following/followers from Twitter, as well as to make the changes you request. Tweeter Karma does not store your username/password in any way. It is discarded after you finish with your tasks, which is why you need to log-in each time you visit the site.
Q: What Happened to the Bulk Unfollow Button?
The Bulk Unfollow button has been removed from Tweeter Karma by request from Twitter itself. Apparently they have decided that this bulk function of Tweeter Karma is against their Terms of Service. The TOS can be viewed here: Automation Rules and Best Practices.
Q: None of this helped me, or I have other questions regarding Tweeter Karma.
If none of these helped with your problem, or if you have any other questions regarding Tweeter Karma you have several options. You can follow @karma_news, or visit our online chat.
Q: Tweeter Karma Privacy Information.
Tweeter Karma and its Admins do not store any of your data, any data provided by you or to you is only used for it's intended declared purpose and then promptly discarded. When attempting to troubleshoot a problem, Tweeter Karma Admins may request you for your username in order to perform the necessary diagnosis of the problems, but they will never ask you for your password.