who’s your daddy?

I’m a big fan of Steve Buscemi, but this morning I saw something very disturbing on Google News … a picture of Macaulay Culkin.

Now, in and of itself, that’s not very scary. What’s scary is the double-take I did when I first saw the picture. I thought to myself, “Boy, that must be a really young picture of Steve Buscemi …” until I realized it wasn’t him! See for yourself:

Macaulay CulkinSteve Buscemi

For appropriate photo credit, here’s the original article where Macaulay gets smacked down for dope posession and the picture of Steve.

Just makes you wonder … is Macaulay actually Steve’s love-child? Hmm …

Update: Alex at Martini Republic beat me to it by two days … damn! Great minds think alike, or fools rarely differ.


  1. Stange thing for me is the posted pic. here Steve looks like my father did when he was fifty 35 years ago.

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