Is Socialmarks just another or Yahoo! My Web 2.0?

While looking over my blog’s referrer log reports, I spotted some hits from, which I didn’t recognize. Apparently, Socialmarks is a new project by Matt Kaufman which seems to be in an invite-only beta right now. (I submitted my email address, perhaps I’ll be offered an opportunity to give it a test-drive while its still in beta.)

Looking over the brief dsecription on the Socialmarks site itself, and eyeballing the screenshot, I still can’t figure out what this service is going to be. Is it just another shared bookmarks site, or more like Yahoo! My Web 2.0 which has more focus on social networks of bookmarks? There’s mention of feeds so perhaps it will be a bit like Bloglines, too.

Whatever it is, looking at the screenshot, at least the user interface design is pleasant and clean, so if there are useful features, I’m really looking forward to trying it out.

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