Chris Rock’s mom not so bright: “Cracker” Barrel? Hello!?

So, apparently Chris Rock’s mom, Rose Rock, is newsworthy today: she’s alleging that Cracker Barrel racially discriminated against her.

All I have to say is: what do you expect from a place called “Cracker Barrel”? I mean, I’m not saying it’s okay to racially discriminate–being that I’m not white, either, it sucks when you’re “on the outside, looking in.” But, what, do they need to rename the place “Chez Whiteys” for people to figure it out?

Don’t even get me started on the “Cheesecake Factory” …



  1. A thirty minute wait at Cracker Barrel? Hell, a group I was with was ignored for a good 45 minutes and we were all white. It’s not discrimination, it’s crappy service. Managers are taught, “If the customer complains, it’s free.” Did this woman ever think that maybe the manager has enough tact to not call an employee out in front of the entire restaurant?

  2. Havard: Beats me, man. I used to think only white people were dumb enough to pay premium prices for crappy service. I mean, come on … if I have to wait more than 10 minutes to get Chinese food, I’m freakin’ out. Of course, it only takes 8 minutes to stir-fry a dog …

  3. The fact that Mrs. Rock has a book in the works “From Here To There” and that Al Sharpton can get one on the Larry Kingt show. I mean who needs Al Sharpton to sue? She can sue herself, but Mr. Al has had Cracker Barrel in his gun sights for a while. I am not prejucice one bit but it is crap like this that sets the black cause back.

  4. People can be ignorant on subjects they know nothing about. For instance, racism. You cant possibly comprehend what Mrs Rock is talking about unless youve been through it. I have had problems from Cracker Barrel on TWO occasions. They were sued by a non race specific branch of the Government. Yes the EOE sued them for discrimination. And theyve had two previous lawsuits.

    So yes. Some Cracker Barrels are like that. Some other restaurants are like that too. Just because you havent experienced it doesnt mean it hasnt happend. Dont be ignorant be intellegent.

  5. Just because you may have experienced racism at some point does not mean that is the case here. I have received bad service at a restaurant and given bad service unintentionally when I worked at a restaurant. How are you intelligent by assuming it was a racist act? I recently received bad service from Ford. Should I scream reacism? I am a white guy and recieved bad service from white guys. I have also received bad service from black guys. hmmmm… racism? Why is it okay to call a white guy cracker? Is that not racism? Maybe Mrs. Rock should talk to her son about racism, after all he’s made millions from being a racist.

  6. jethro: You’re right, it’s not racism. Cracker Barrel is just a crappy chain with poor service and it’s surprising that they’re still in business.

  7. Exactly…since I work there I know why people get crappy service…but they don’t get it from me. They are really disorganized, sometimes understaffed, outwardly racist or refusing service? Bunch of bull. However the thing about discriminating against their own black staff is starting to concern me. There are no black managers, no Asian or Indian or Spanish. All the management is white! I have been moving up the ranks and I do feel they are doing everything to help their white employees move along quickly and not assisting me whatsoever. I have also worked many days over 7-10 hours and have not taken any breaks which I am sure is illegal. I am black, my wife is white.

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