Why yes, I reply to 6 year old emails

---Mutt: ~/Mailbox [Msgs:5164 New:14 Old:81 ...

Yes, that’s the status line of my Mutt window telling me I’ve got 5,164 messages in my email inbox, of which 14 are new. I’ve got mail in there dating back to September, 2000. A lot of it is stuff I just never got around to filing away into subfolders, but there’s plenty of messages from old friends and acquaintances that I just never got around to replying to!

As part of my desire to clean up my intellectual messes with the quickly approaching 2007, I’m going to go through each and every email and decide whether to file it, delete it, or reply to it right then and there–even if it’s 6 years late. I just can’t let it go on any longer.


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