March 2007 LOPSA-NJ cluster group meetings

LOPSA: the league of professional system administrators

Last night I attended the March
2007 LOPSA North Jersey cluster group meeting
at the Park Wood Diner in
Maplewood, NJ. LOPSA-NJ is what was formerly known as $GROUPNAME, an
organization for system administrators. There were eight of us there and you
can see us in these photos that were taken:

(Click to enlarge.)

(Click to enlarge.)

The meeting started in typical geek fashion: a bunch of us exchanged contact
information by IR beaming and Bluetooth sending them between our phones. We
then moved onto the agenda of discussing key tools that we find valuable which
started a quick discussion of screen, a tool that no
Unix-based sysadmin should be without. The conversation then shifted focus to
issue and bug tracking systems and their role in managing work queues. It
seems that the preferred system for issue tracking is RT. The awful monstrosity known as Remedy was maligned by everyone who had
the misfortune of having it inflicted upon them.

Tom Limoncelli wrote up his own notes for the Maplewood cluster group, as well as William Bilancio for the Princeton cluster group.

If you are a system administrator in the New Jersey area and are
looking to meet others for socializing, networking or to share your
experiences, you might want to consider joining us at our next meeting.


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