Enough of the politics, on with the geeking!

Okay, I’m sorry I indulged myself the last few days with the spurt of political blogging. I’ve gotten it out of my system now. Time to get back to the hardcore geeking!

Here’s a short list of things that are either on my mind or somewhere in my to-do list:

  • Commit my changes to AOLserver to build easily with MinGW/MSYS on Win32. I even put together a quick NSIS script, so there’s a nice one-click installer for AOLserver 4.0.10 on Win32, now.
  • Commit my changes to Gnash to build and link correctly using MinGW/MSYS on Win32. No fancy installer, but here’s my previous blog post about it.
  • Do some more work on nsjsapi, the AOLserver module to integrate Mozilla SpiderMonkey into AOLserver for server-side JavaScript. I’d like to get it working well enough to load and use jQuery so I can show it off at jQueryCamp07 this October.
  • Work with the community to put together a list of “Top 5 Goals” for AOLserver, then assemble a real plan to get those things done. A big bonus would be if I didn’t have to do everything myself.
  • Find someone who wants to check out Gobby with me. It’s a free, open source, multi-platform, collaborative real-time file editing application with chat and syntax highlighting. Think: World of Notepad. Could be a nice way to do remote paired programming with two or more people. Or, a good way to do code reviews with a geographically distributed team.

If you’d like to hear more about any of these things–or better yet, do them together with me, let me know!

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