Planet AOLserver, aggregating AOLserver-related feeds

In the grand scheme of “why does Dossy go off and do things without asking people first” … I’ve set up Planet AOLserver:

The current subscriptions list is populated with the feeds of blogs I’ve been able to find over the years of people who have blogged about or use AOLserver in one way or another. I’m betting the list is incomplete: if you’d like your feed added to the subscriptions list, please email the URL to me. Similarly, if your feed appears on the list and you’d like it removed, just ask me to remove it.

I’m using a simple regexp filter to pick out (hopefully) only the relevant entries:

filter = (?i)(AOLserver|Tcl|OpenACS|MySQL|PostgreS(QL)?)

Think something should be added to the filter? Is there an entry in your feed that you think should be included in the Planet but isn’t? Again, let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

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  1. How about adding Oracle to the filter?

  2. Jade: Good idea, I’ve added Oracle to it. Anything else?

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