Yossi Kreinin praises Tcl and so should you!

Yossi Kreinin writes a very fair and positive blog entry about why he can’t believe he’s praising Tcl. In response, I left this comment on his blog:

I’m so glad you’ve put aside language bigotry and evaluated Tcl fairly–when you do, it’s easy to see how convenient it can be for some tasks.

Of course I’m biased, but I also think Tcl is a fantastic language for developing web applications-thus, my affinity for AOLserver.

When you reduce web development to the simple process of “consume bits from a data source, transform strings, output bits to a network socket” … Tcl’s simplicity really makes rapid development a breeze, coupled with AOLserver’s library of Tcl procs to ease some common tasks.

I hope more folks give Tcl a fair shake, given it’s one of the oldest and arguably the most mature scripting language out there.

Even if you have no interest in Tcl, do read Yossi’s blog entry about it. He really takes a close look at what makes for a good embedded scripting language and that’s useful for anyone who is building an application today that needs such a thing.

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