Too much, too fast

I haven’t had much free time now that I’m running Panoptic full time, but I just want to throw out what I can remember I’ve done just this week alone:

  • Filtered 2008 and 2007 Department of Labor data for Form 5500, creating Excel spreadsheets of the results for a client.
  • Clean up 19,000 splogs from a misconfigured WP MU 2.8 installation, dropping some 130,000 tables in the process. Upgraded to WP 3.0 afterwards.
  • Fixed a SEF URL issue in Joomla! using the sh404SEF component. The site has translations managed by Joom!Fish, which added some complexity.
  • Replaced a client’s Flash-based photo gallery with jQuery and the GalleryView plugin.
  • Started creating a completely customized theme for X-Cart based on provided designs. Got clean URLs working with X-Cart on Lighttpd in the process.
  • Upgraded a client’s WordPress to WP 3.0, scheduling some training hours to walk them through how to use it properly.
  • Migrated a client’s bbPress forum with 5,000 posts to Simple:Forum with InfusionWP. Had to write my own converter script to do the import.
  • Building a customized Amazon EC2 AMI that will run Oracle and AOLserver for a client.

And, it’s only Thursday …

I know I’m seriously under-selling myself at the moment but I need to build up a solid list of excellent testimonials and references before I can seriously charge market rate for the kind of skills I have. I’ll say this: Elance has been a fantastic resource for me, better than all the other freelance job websites out there.

Okay, enough of this. Back to work …


  1. Carter/icjr says

    Hey Dossy; I do hope all is well and thanks for the 411. Its good to hear all is well. And that you are seeking for a higher but optimistic look at this reorganizing stuff here on this WWW thing. Also want to thank you for the Elance tip and info. And of course I took a look at there concept and affiliate program. Which looks promising and of course I am a member of CJ but have not made a dime. Off that venture maybe with Elance I can get a hold of the vertical and work that avenue. After 60-90 days with the Tweet Tank I got a good following but no revenue. “I wonder” anyway I have been with GDI and there program promoting there Global Domain WS program which also looks promising. Dossy as you already know stuff takes time to work. Sure and steady and hopefully a rythem will begin. Thanks for the update and ttys.


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