A fine Dungeon Master in the making

I came downstairs this morning and noticed that someone, most likely Charlie, was playing with the LEGO table. What do most kids build out of LEGOs? Little vehicles? Maybe a pet shop? Or spaceships? And what do my kids make … ?

The beginnings of a LEGO dungeon.

Yeah, that’s right — it’s a LEGO dungeon. With a secret, hidden treasure room, an altar that looks like a diving board, and its own red dragon guardian and giant serpent.

Every day, I wonder if today’s the right day to try and introduce D&D to her … I have a feeling we’ve got a fine Dungeon Master in the making, here.

And this is how I get to start my day, today. I think it’s going to be a great one.


  1. If you want to introduce her to D&D I would totally join you guys to participate in the game. It would be fun seeing a new young mind being corrupted to the evil ways of the devil’s game of D&D.

  2. 1. Cool kids. Very precocious. Gives me hope about the future of America.

    (Of course hapa kids are extra awesome, too.)

    2. Nice blog. I like the eclectic and personal content and the absence of Web 2.0+ pretensions in the design.

    3. Not quite the right the forum, but a million thank yous for identifying this issue:

    #262 (Extending Object prototype breaks jQuery (was: “name.replace is not a function” in 1.0.3))

    Truly saved my bacon.

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