Oh, Starbucks, you really know how to get my attention!

Anyone who knows me should understand why this ad on the New York Times website home page caught my attention …

Starbucks blonde roast

(Zoom! Enhance!)

Starbucks Blonde Roast

I’m sure it tastes like garbage like all other Starbucks coffee, but it did get my attention.

Reminds me of that old clich


  1. I imagine you’re going to try it at least once anyway, it is a blonde after all.

  2. Could you block all new user and page creation on the AOLServer wiki, please?

    It is just a big link spam garden right now. Perhaps you can install the ConfirmAccount extension. I would be happy to handle account requests, but let me set up an account to get the notifications because I assume there will be tons of requests from bots.

  3. I just wanted to say, I LOVE your twitter karma tool and so wish you had something like that for Etsy circles… Your are in their circle / they are in yours….

    Thanks so much for the karma tool!

  4. Juan Valdez says

    All it means is that Starbucks is not actually burning some of their coffee beans. Starbucks is not in the coffee business, it is in the milk and artificial flavoring business.

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