Looks like I’m officially a “switcher”

So, I finally broke down and ordered myself a 15″ MacBook Pro from MacMall.com on Tuesday last week, and it arrived the next day (!) … and I’ve been installing apps and migrating my data over to it since. I guess you can officially call me “a switcher” as I’ve moved all my data off my old laptop onto this new one, and the old one is going to get reformatted and will become my wife’s.

Part of switching to a Mac means looking for new blogging software. I previously used BlogJet 2.0 on Win32, but now I’m trying out ecto 3 beta for MacOS X. I definitely think it’s going to take some getting used to but I can already tell it’s much better than BlogJet was. However, I can definitely see needing to customize ecto to my liking before I can feel really comfortable using it.

Have you switched recently? Got any good tips that I might want to know about? Things to avoid? Tell me about it in the comments …