o/` it was great when it all began … o/`

o/` It was great when it all began,
I was a regular, Rocky fan.
But it all f@#%in’ went in the can;
to unf@#% it will require a plan. o/`

Every once in a while, I’ll poke my head into the alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror newsgroup. Today, MIBecky asked in the thread WHY DO YOU DO IT?:

if [RHPS shows today suck] so hard, why in the world are people so obsessed with it? Why do people keep joining?

I couldn’t resist answering and my response turned into the usual rant in response to this question.

[ Note: The links to groups.google.com weren’t working when I posted this. But they are now, as of 9/6 8:00 AM. ]

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