what’s the noun form of “bowling scoring”?

(also titled “Dossy’s Tcl implementation of the Bowling Score exercise”)

In November 2003, on the Extreme Programming mailing list, several folks have been implementing solutions to solve the “calculate the score of a bowling game” problem, to demonstrate techniques like refactoring, test-first programming, etc. As usual, my contribution is a Tcl-based solution to the problem, to show everyone how simple and powerful Tcl can be. *chuckle*

You will need all.tcl to run the tests …

    <% foreach dir {1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8} { ns_adp_puts "
  • $dir

  • ns_adp_puts “

      ns_adp_puts “

    • [link_html xp/b/view.adp?snap=$dir&file=bowling.test bowling.test]

    • ns_adp_puts “

    • [link_html xp/b/view.adp?snap=$dir&file=bowling.tcl bowling.tcl]

    • ns_adp_puts “


  • 9 (this version was posted to the list)

The versions that follow (if any) are refactorings and improvements after implementing John Roth’s original tests.


  1. haven’t read this post through yet, but i’ve got to admit, how bowling is scored remains to me the greatest mystery in sport. i think i know more about cricket and jai alai than i do about what the hell those bowling scores mean. why can’t they just use a common sense scoring system, like tennis, or golf?

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