jack’s magic beans were probably soy …

A few days ago, the family came down with some kind of tummy bug. I had a strange craving for natto, a Japanese food made by fermenting cooked soybeans with the Bacillus natto bacteria, yielding a stinky and slimy but tasty and extraordinarily healthy product.

Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi seems to have done a lot of research into natto from what Google tells me. Here’s one of the better written articles that talk about its many beneficial properties. Among them, natto has antibacterial properties, contains nattokinase which lyses thrombosis in the blood, contains K2 which prevents osteoporosis and breast cancer, improves digestion and prevents intestinal disorders, and probably a whole slew of things that aren’t even attributed to natto-consumption yet.

Justin Hall wrote a really good experience report from a Western perspective of being introduced to and eating natto. Made me chuckle to read it, figured I’d share the link for anyone who has never heard of or eaten natto before.

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