alcohol + SUV = Grand Theft Auto sim?

Apparently someone got liquored up, hopped in his GMC Yukon SUV, and went on a rampage, smashing up 17 cars and doing a bunch of property damage.

Police arrested Matthew Lyman, 24, on suspicion of driving under the influence and multiple counts of hit-and-run driving.

Witnesses said that the destruction began some time after 2 a.m. Tuesday when a dark GMC Yukon SUV began smashing into parked cars. The driver went north on Mission Boulevard, turned east on Turquoise Street, south on Bayard Street and then headed back toward the beach on Tourmaline Street. All along the way, he smashed into cars parked at the curb, demolishing many of them.

Someone posted a series of pictures in an excellent photo-essay: How many cars can you hit in one night???.

One fire hydrant, one flower shop, one dog, and nineteen cars, not including his own (I omitted pictures of four cars with minor damage).

And people say New Jersey drivers are bad …

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