Kiek in de Kök, not what you might think

One of the many blogs I read belongs to Trading Goddess, who seems to find some of the best pictures to use with her blog entries, like this one:

Kiek in de Kok street sign

Being an American who only speaks English and has a juvenile sense of humor to boot, I got a good chuckle out of this picture. Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to find out what this actually meant (it couldn’t really mean what I thought it meant, could it?) and Wikipedia comes to the rescue. It turns out, “Kiek in de Kök” is “an old German language nickname for towers, mainly those which were parts of town fortifications.”

So, the next time you ask someone, “what’s cooking,” you might just be asking them for a Kiek in de Kök. Watch out. :-)

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  1. lol!

    Love it!

    Thank you, my friend, too… for the link and mention! It is appreciated!

  2. Hi, TG! Thanks for stopping by! Your blog has sure gotten busy with all the guest posters, so now there’s even more great information and tips on it!

    I think anyone who gambles or invests in the stock market ought to read your blog once in a while. It’s fun to read you’ve found some nice gems!

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