Schnappi das kleine Krokodil

I yoinked this from some guy’s blog … I’m just going to shamelessly quote his entry (fair use, etc., etc.) since he did a great job:

The hottest thing in German music right now is a 4-year-old girl’s made-up song about a crocodile.

Joy Gruttman’s song, “Snappy the Little Crocodile” (“Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil”), is the No. 1 song on the German charts. Her family posted the song on a Web site as a joke, but a radio station in Cologne, Germany, got hold of it and made it a hit.

Gruttman is the youngest recording artist to make it to the German Top 10, let alone No. 1. “Snappy” beat out songs by Kylie Minogue and Linkin Park. The song is even appearing as remixes in German dance clubs.

Download the MP3 now. It’s better than badgers and Kenya (mirror).

EDIT: Looks like here’s the official site.

Update, March 2005: The original site and MP3 download links have been down for a while. If you still want to download the music, you can get the .torrent file from mininova and download it with a BitTorrent client. Personally, I use Azureus.

Update, March 21, 2005: The BitTorrent link is no longer working. Rather than continuing to update this old entry, I’ve posted a new one with a eDonkey2000 download link for the “Schnappi das kleine Krokodil MP3”.



    It’s all about Schnappi… in English!

  2. hahaha i think its what we call snaps in denmark !! it bbiiieepppp paprotti up when he was here

  3. hahahaha yeah i heard that to… he had to cancel his show in copenhagen… his voice was smashed hahahaha….

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