quick, before Sony sends another Cease and Desist!

Figured some of you may be Beatles fans and might appreciate this … I saw this come across BoingBoing today from Cory Doctorow:

Revolved: Beatles mashup album

CCC’s “Revolved” is an album of Beatles mashups with some real standout tracks, like Here, There and Everywhere (mashed with Claudine Longet’s version), That’s All Yellow (Yellow Submarine and Genesis’s That’s All), She Said Traffic (She Said She Said and Jimi Hendrix’s Crosstown Traffic), and the best track of all, Got to Get You in the Mood — Got to Get You Into My Life with a punchy Glenn Miller’s In the Mood.


(Thanks, Oscar!)

Update: Dave provides this torrent of all tracks and cover art.

The whole “album” is freely available for download. Quick, go and download a copy before Sony sends them a Cease and Desist order like they did to Beatallica.

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