Get the “Schnappi das kleine Krokodil” MP3 via eDonkey2000

I’ve previously blogged, back in January 2005, about the German sensation surrounding Joy Gruttman’s “Schnappi das kleine Krokodil” song. Since it seems people are still actively searching for it, and I don’t want to keep updating the previous entry, I’ve started a new one.

Okay, publishing content via BitTorrent is annoying. I’m personally in favor of eDonkey2000, because it’s much easier to publish content with it than BitTorrent. If you’re looking for the Schnappi MP3, go download the eDonkey2000 client (scroll down for the free “Basic” versions), then use this “ed2k” link to download the MP3:

ed2k://|file|Schnappi das kleine Krokodil.mp3|947187|ebcd0b7f7160ffd9a56f1a622f192507|

The only downside of the eDonkey2000 P2P network is that because of its simplicity of publishing content, it has become inundated with adult content, spam and warez. I see a real opportunity for someone to provide a “filtered eDonkey2000 search” service that eliminates those results from searches, possibly also filtering stuff that is copyright infringing too, and it could be an excellent P2P platform.

Alternatively, you could always go to and go and buy the CD from but it seems to be out of stock or something — my German’s not that great. If you want a visual experience of the song, there’s the Schnappi video over at

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