How to find what depends on a stored procedure in Sybase

Oracle really spoils you with the ALL_DEPENDENCIES data dictionary view. If you want to know what depends on what, you just query it. These days, I’m working in Sybase again, so I had to figure out how to do it using Sybase’s data dictionary views. Hopefully you’re looking for the same thing and this will be useful to you:

SELECT,, o.type
FROM sysobjects AS o, sysobjects AS do, sysdepends AS d
WHERE = 'procedureName'
AND d.depid =

Just replace 'procedureName' with the name of the procedure you’re interested in.



  1. This also works with SQL Server.

  2. Did you verify that by trying it, or just assume it should because they share the same ancestry? I wonder if Sybase and MS SQL Server’s data dictionary views have diverged at some point. Probably not radically, I bet.

  3. Actually verified it. I’ve been using similar code to search for keywords in stored procedure definitions, etc.

    Do you guys use a lot of Sybase at AOL?

  4. Unfortunately, yes. Someone a long time ago thought it was a good idea, and you know how hard it is to replace entrenched technologies.

    However, we do have a good amount of MySQL and apparently even some Oracle instances. But, there’s still some systems where the data lives in Sybase. Sigh.

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