sp_helprotect, not sp_helpprotect … can’t anyone at Sybase spell?!

So, this morning I had to find out what privileges had been granted on a
particular stored proc in Sybase and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand
why sp_helpprotect was giving me the 2812 “stored proc not
found” error message. Finally, I found this page which reminded me that the name of the stored proc is actually sp_helprotect!

Can’t anyone at Sybase spell? I ran into this exact same problem only a month or two ago with RAISERROR … I wasted a good hour until I realized that it wasn’t spelled RAISEERROR, like you would expect it to be, if you could spell.



  1. Ditto with SQL Server (both RAISERROR and sp_helpprotect), even 2005.

    Just goes to show that Microsoft is committed to to the idea of backwards compatibility to the point of stupidity.

    Would it be so difficult to create an alias with the correct spelling?

  2. ;)

    I can’t believe it either. I’am an oracle dba learning sql server now. And got here. The ‘typo’ in sp_helprotect makes you read it as sp_HEL(L)protect ;)

    While I’m here I’ve got a question;

    Is my conclusion correct that this is the ONLY way to retrieve object privileges for objects. I need to retrieve al grantees for several ‘extended stored procedures’ like xp_cmdshell and found it strange there is no metadata TABLE that I can select from to get me object privileges.

    Any a repply to my questio would be appreciated.


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