one of my favorite korean dishes

Many people find eating raw beef dangerous and raw egg yolks disgusting … but let me introduce you to one of my favorite Korean dishes which combines the two called yuk’oe.

I’m not exactly sure how it’s supposed to be pronounced, but I’ve seen it transliterated from Korean to English many ways: yuk’oe, yuk hoe, yuke, hyoo-kwe, and on and on. But no matter how you spell it or say it, it means the same thing: a beefy sweet gooey mess of goodness that slides down your throat. It’s hard to find a restaurant that serves it, and I wouldn’t risk ordering it in a sketchy looking place … but if you manage to find a classy enough Korean restaurant (which really don’t exist — most Koreans tend to open sushi restaurants around here), and you’re feeilng adventurous … give this dish a try.

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