S5, a Simple Standards-based Slide Show System

Andrew Grumet points out S5 Presents, a nod to Philip Greenspun‘s old WimpyPoint (web.archive.org link) system.

S5 Presents is based on Eric Meyer‘s S5 system: Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System, which is an incredibly simple and cross-platform way of delivering slide-shows inside a web browser. For a demo of the kind of slide show it produces, see the introductory slide-show on S5. I am so thrilled that Eric had the good sense to use XHTML 1.0 instead of OPML 1.0. S5 is a tangible example that reiterates my belief that OPML adds no value above and beyond what we already have available through XHTML alone.

I’m sold — I’m going to start using S5 for all my presentation needs where I can. I might still have to use Microsoft PowerPoint for those work-related presentations, but S5 is the killer app. All that’s needed is a decent WYSIWYG slide editor that can “Save As …” S5-conforming XHTML. Killer app.

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