Forget the Blogosphere: it’s now the Splinternet!

<#joiito> <Dossy> You are all witness, tonight I am dubbing the Blogosphere the Splinternet.
[#joiito] <jetx> i actually like nimoy’s hobbit song
[#joiito] * NickDouglas shudders quiveringly and tom-swiftly under the adverbs jetx skillfully, swiftly, purple-prosishly slung
<#joiito> <Dossy> Splinternet(R)(tm).
<#joiito> <Dossy> thank you.
[#joiito] <NickDouglas> splinternet!
[#joiito] <NickDouglas> that ROCKS
[#joiito] <adamhill> he also channels beat poetry – “Common People” with Ben Folds Five
[#joiito] <NickDouglas> dossy++
[#joiito] <seraph_> Dossy: “You are all witnesses. Tonight I dub the Blogosphere the Splinternet.”
[#joiito] <NickDouglas> adamhill: bet poetry?
<#joiito> seraph: Thank you for notarizing that statement. :)
[#joiito] * jeanniecool sighs and wishes NickD were ten years older.
[#joiito] <seraph_> :)
[12:19AM] Signoff: skadz (“Leaving”)
<#joiito> <Dossy> Of course, this IRC channel isn’t being logged anywhere, is it.

It has been, now. :-)

UPDATE: My friend, Rich DiMartino, pointed out that there wasn’t enough context to explain the relevance of this chat log and why I’m using the name “splinternet” — so, let me clarify: With the rise of user-friendly personal web publishing software packages, we will continue to see the increase of “many small islands of content” — effectively, the splintering of the Internet from big thick sites into many tiny little sites, or splinters. I think the analogy is especially apropos because splinters get under your skin and cause irritation and discomfort.

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