Dossy’s Blog, now with links!

Something that I noticed about my recent posting funk is that I still find myself writing small blurbs about links when saving them to I’ve been thinking about using the links to power a linkblog, and seeing Joe Grossberg go and set one up, it motivated me to hack one out for my own blog.

So, twice a day, 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM US/Eastern time, you’ll see a post auto-publish using my links. Here’s the first post generated by my script, to give you an example of what to expect. Of course, you could just subscribe to the RSS feed in your aggregator, if you don’t want to wait until the links get posted to my blog.

What do you think? Is auto-generating an entry twice a day, lame? Should I relegate these links to the sidebar of the blog instead? Do you just not care about what links I find interesting and I shouldn’t bother with a linkblog at all?

Oh, and the folks who are reading this via my crossposting to LiveJournal or Blogger: sorry, you won’t see the links, because my script only posts them to my actual blog.


  1. I found that using the delicious auto-posting feature worked alright for that, except I did not want to post all of them. It posted things daily.

    At the moment I figure I’ll just do a roundup every so often. Twice a day is probably a little much.

  2. Hi, Candice — yeah, after running my script twice a day, I’ve cut it down to running once a day, and even that’s too much. I’m starting to think once a week on Monday morning is probably where I’m headed.

    The reason I don’t want to use’s auto-posting thinger is because I want control over the presentation of the post. I also might want to later implement filters, e.g., so only entries tagged “linkblog” get posted, etc.

    It’s fun to play and experiment, though.

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