Can you drink a gallon of milk in half an hour?

I previously wrote about Penn Jillette’s brilliant NPR essay, where he demonstrates his genius. However, there’s lots of other examples of this, such as his New Years Eve Mac Vomit Penn article. Here’s a teaser:

[…] Kelli had told Mac King that it was impossible to drink a gallon of whole milk in a half hour. Mac didn’t believe that. She bet him 75 bucks he couldn’t do it. As we were finishing up dinner, Mac arrived with a gallon jug of milk and a video camera. He was going to take Kelli’s money and his wife wanted video of it, since she was home with their daughter.

Why did I wait 3 years to link to this? Because, just recently, someone who obviously didn’t know that Mac lost this bet, uploaded a video to YouTube. For those “visual learners” out there who won’t read Penn’s story, here’s the lesson for you:

(The notes on the video suggest this video was recorded on 1999-03-15, at “Ramapo College of New Jersey, Oak Hall Parking Lot” — way to represent!)

Go on, bet your dumb friends an easy $100 that they can’t drink a gallon of milk in half an hour. If you want to be really evil, have a fresh gallon of milk ready nearby before you offer the bet, so they can’t back out because “we’ve got to go get the milk and I don’t feel like it.” Just make sure to throw down a tarp or have a bucket handy. You know why …



  1. Penn Jillette’s This I Believe essay, “There is No God,” will be available on NPR’s website as a Podcast from April 10-24th. This essay was one of NPR’s most emailed stories to date.

    To download the podcast, please visit:

  2. Dear NPR person:

    There is already a “Listen” button on the page that contains his essay. How will this the podcast differ?

  3. u guys are fucking retarded i drink milk like water i can drink it like clock work bring your $100 and a gallon of milk and i will be more than happy to prove you wrong.

  4. you guys are retarded if you think you cant drink a gallon of milk in one hour i drink milk like it is water bring your $100 dollars and you gallon of milk and i will prove you wrong. send me a message a make the subject milk drinking and i will prove you wrong

  5. It says a half an hour genius learn to read.

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