Goodbye, Movable Type. Hello, WordPress!

So, after years of hacking custom changes into Movable Type 2.6, I’ve finally had enough. I’ve switched to WordPress 2.6.

Part of the move included exporting my old posts and comments from MT and importing them into WP. For that, I wrote a small Tcl script that reads the MT database and writes it out in WXR format. I stored my MT data in a SQLite database, so the script expects its input from a SQLite DB–it would be a bit more work to read the data from a MySQL DB, but it’s definitely possible.

I’ve kept the essence of the previous blog design in my WP theme, but it’s cleaner markup and CSS and I’ve tried to make the ads less intrusive.


  1. I setup a Movable Type [MT] blog to demonstrate one of my software tools [Blogger Calendar]. I really like the MT interface, however have been a long time user of WordPress. I am wondering how you like WordPress? Was your switch mainly for the extended support and plugins?

    I have seen few people that have switched with your knowledge and I am curious.

  2. Oh – I guess I didn’t mention – I’ve also been using WordPress for other sites I have set up and manage for years, too. It’s just that I’d set up my own blog using MT years back and only now decided to migrate it over to WP – typical “shoemaker’s children” problem.

    I switched mainly because the MT 2.6 code sucked and I was tired of hacking in my own changes to it – WP makes it trivially easy to make the changes I want.

  3. Jeff Rogers says

    Still a few bugs to work out I see … “Previous Entries” on the front page – – is not found. It does work on the year archive pages tho.

  4. Jeff: Heh, thanks for spotting that – not sure how I missed it – it’s working now.

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