Dossy’s hCard, if you care about microformats

Since Tantek Çelik announced in his blog, Technorati now has a Microformats Search in their Kitchen (beta). Just in case this actually takes off, I figured I’d throw my publically available contact information out in hCard microformat. Here it is:

Nothing really exciting (that’s almost the point) but it’ll be interesting to see where this information will surface, now that it’s more easily machine-readable.

It’ll also be fun exercise to create a web spam bot that creates a bunch of seemingly real but completly fabricated microcontent out there. Without the necessary licensing, Technorati can’t use Google’s patented PageRank process to use links-to-microcontent to determine authoritativeness or relevancy, can it? Just look at the spam blogs now and how it’s ruining blog searches. Spam microcontent won’t be far behind, if microcontent search becomes a reality.



  1. Now this is what the Semantic Web is really all about. Rather than LOL LETS CREATE A NEW XML SCHEMA ROFLOL ke ke ke ke ke AND XSLT AND STUFF LOL it uses the predominant document format on the web (html) and gives meaning to various combinations of tags and standardized classes.

    This is something I’ve done as long as I’ve known about CSS, which was back in 1999. Granted, I didn’t formalize anything, but it was blatantly obvious. If I wrote the CMS or blog engine and I designed the layout, the class and id tags gave meaning to the document sections. I’d be a much happier man if browsers implemened :even and :odd.

    XML religous disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong, using an internal xml format and xslt can be useful (e.g. you need to transform from your internal format to xhtml, html 4.1, html 3, and wml). But there’s probably saner and more efficient solutions. The worst simple string matching template systems are usually more performant than the fastest formal XSLT engine, and don’t even think about using proper document validation. Like everything, it has its proper place.

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