8apps, a more social BaseCamp

8apps Screenshot, 2007-03-14

So, I received an invitation to 8apps this morning, and it appears to be another Rails-based web app.  Those of you who are familiar with BaseCamp probably have a good idea as to what features are currently available.  Right now, only 3 out of the “8apps” have been implemented: Handshake (social network), Orchestrate (task management), Blueprint (brainstorming).  It’s an interesting approach, dividing the functionality out into separate applications–I wonder what impact it has on overall usability.  Generally, design gravitates towards related functionality being neatly integrated, not separated.

If you’d like to check out 8apps, leave a comment here or otherwise let me know you’re interested and include what email address you want the invitation sent to.  Once you’re in, don’t forget to add me as a contact.

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  1. Will Scott says


    I’d really appreciate an invitation if you can spare one, my email is wjs (at) juicedlime.com



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