Increasing the Cuteness Factor of this blog

Here’s a cheap attempt at increasing the Cuteness Factor of this blog. My daughters love to play on our computers — no surprise, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Yesterday, my younger daughter Suzie was playing on the computer and yawning, since it was close to her nap time. I told her, “After you’re done playing, you’re going upstairs for a nap.” A short while later, I noticed she was very quiet and sitting still, so I leaned over from my desk and took a peek and this is what I saw:

Suzie sleeping, 2006-02-15, #1Suzie sleeping, 2006-02-15, #2

I can just hear the collective, “Awwww, that’s so cute.” I’ve often fallen asleep in my chair at the computer, but never as cutely as she did. She’s just a born natural, you know?



  1. you are blessed with an incredibly cute kid.
    godspeed to you and them..

  2. Thank you! They just keep getting cuter every day.

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