You can just turn it on and off like that … ?

After my previous entry, I swear Scott Adams spies on my life and mockingly laughs at me as he creates his comic strip. Look at yesterday’s Dilbert:

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s sad because it’s true …


  1. Dossy:
    Stumbled across your blog when researching Bosch problem, and then went to your site & enjoyed the elance bid “from hell” story. You are such a detailed writer and such a since of humor at the same time.
    Anyway, this may be so benaeath you and your talents, & fine if you say so – I am not a computer guru, my system is windows based, and wondering the easiest scanning devices to really go paperless (or as close to it as we may ever approach)–I have a cheap all-in-one, but they only make single page jpeg type files (not good for my goal). Some have recommended one able to do duplex w one pass, and somewhere I read something about “twain compatible” if you want to add new scans to existing files easily? And I think pdf’s vs jpeg for sure!

    If you have any thoughts about above & some time of boredom (doubt that ever happens w you) -I would appreciate your advice. I know I could never “afford” one of your talents in a manner to which you may be accustomed, but I would be glad to pay you a little for your thoughts if you so desire – maybe thru PayPal somehow. Terry Mac, Atl, Ga

  2. I had seen that one also, and was certainly interested in your thoughts. I appreciate very much your prompt reply. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your “3” girls (wife incl of course)!!Terry

  3. Hi,
    I just wanted to thank you for your post in 2004 on dislocated elbows in children. You saved me from a 4AM trip to the emergency room, a pile of guilt for naughtily swinging my daughter by her arms and most importantly… baby is feeling MUCH better!!

    Thank God for google and archived blog posts. :)

    • I’m glad it helped you! As parents, it’s natural to swing little kids… they all love it! But it’s so common to displace that ligament in the elbow that we ought to learn how to fix it ourselves, right?

      Some people aren’t comfortable trying it themselves and that’s okay, but at least if parents know it’s an option, it gives us that choice to avoid a costly ER visit.

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