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  1. For the ‘tar’ issue, ‘GNU tar’ automatically strips off leading / characters

    $ tar cvf XX.tar /etc/motd
    a /etc/motd 1K
    $ tar tf XX.tar
    $ gtar xvf XX.tar
    gtar: Record size = 5 blocks
    gtar: Removing leading `/' from absolute path names in the archive
    $ diff etc/motd /etc/motd
  2. Stephen: Oh, I know this about GNU tar, but sometimes I end up working on a system that isn’t GNU-based and I don’t want to find and/or compile a GNU tar binary for it. Knowing how to use “pax” can be useful even when you do have GNU tar–being able to rewrite paths as part of the extraction phase can be useful at times.

  3. *grump* why is it that none of those small computers have DVI or HDMI output? Makes ’em useless for a HD media center device. I’d rather get a PC rather than a Mac Mini (I don’t have any Macs at home and don’t want to support yet another OS) but… *sigh*

  4. Stephen: Indeed, what would make those tiny PCs perfect is a decent graphics chipset and both DVI (digital) and VGA (analog) outputs. It is the one area that the Mac Mini still has an edge over the tiny PCs.

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