Charlie’s got her own blog

I can’t believe it … ten years ago, she was just a little shrimp on an ultrasound image, and now … my oldest daughter, Charlene, has her own blog.

Last night, she asked if she could have her own website, and I told her, “We can work on one tomorrow.” I figured if she wasn’t seriously interested, she’d just forget about it. This morning, she didn’t forget about it, and wanted to start working on it before heading off to camp! So, I set up the DNS and installed WordPress 3.0 and let her pick out a theme to start, and set her down to write her first blog post. She didn’t have more than a few minutes to write it before having to head out the door for camp, but I think she did great. on 2010-07-07

I’m really excited for her! I think she’s going to have a lot of fun exploring the available themes and learning how to customize them. It could be a great opportunity for her to make the leap from playing around with Scratch to learning PHP.


  1. Hi Charlie!! Blogging is the best! I hope you use this space to keep us all up to date on worldly issues such as goat riding and care for unicorns tips and suggestions!!!

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