A question to people reading my blog at Blogger: why?

For the past ten months, I’ve been reposting entries from my blog at dossy.org to this blog here at Blogger. I did this to see if it would encourage folks to post comments if they already had Blogger accounts, since due to a large volume of blog comment spam I decided to require sign-in in order to comment. However, there’s been hardly any comments being posted to the Blogger blog, so I wonder how useful it is for me to keep reposting the entries.

Unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t give me any stats about who’s subscribed to my blog’s feeds, so I really have no idea who’s even reading it over there. If you’re reading this over at my Blogger blog, please let me know by either emailing me or leaving a comment either here or in my own blog. I’d like to know why you’re reading it, if you are. If you’re subscribing to its feeds, I’d like to ask you to instead subscribe to my blog’s feeds: RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, RSS 2.0 comments feed.

If it seems that nobody’s reading the Blogger blog or its feeds, I’ll likely stop reposting stuff there just to save me a bit of time, so if there’s a reason you read it instead of my blog at dossy.org, please let me know.

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