I think I’m declaring feed reading bankruptcy

I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t been keeping up on my feed reading. Matter of fact, just the other day I declared war on the 5,500+ messages sitting in my inbox, some messages dating back to 2002–which yes, I actually ended up replying to a bunch of as part of my cleanup crusade.

If I haven’t been reading and/or commenting on your blog lately, this is why. I’ve got so many unread articles in my feed reader that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up–I’m tempted to mark them all as “read” and declare feed reading bankruptcy and start fresh. I also need to start pruning back my subscriptions and unsubscribing from feeds I just don’t read to begin with.

A lot of them I stay subscribed to out of fear that there might be an interesting article that I just don’t want to miss, but I think I’ll just have to rely on someone else to find it and link to it. Like today, Andrew linked to the They Might Be Giants Podcast.

I guess I need to become more selective in what I subscribe to and more aggressive about unsubscribing from feeds I just don’t read.

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