Make sure all your friends show up in your News Feed

I keep forgetting where this setting is, so I’m going to blog it here so I can find it when I search for it.

If you want to make sure all your friends status updates show up in your Facebook News Feed, you need to make sure you’ve set your threshold high enough. You get to this setting by going to the bottom of your News Feed page and clicking on the Edit Options link:

Facebook News Feed Edit Options link

In the dialog that pops up, there’s a Number of Friends section that controls how many friends’ updates will be included on your News Feed. Set this number to something larger than the number of friends you have, to ensure that all of their updates will be included.

Number of Friends configuration

There you go. If you have more friends than the number that is currently showing, you won’t see all your friends’ updates.


  1. Thanks! Been wondering how to make the new new new new (seriously, how many new facebooks are there?) facebook show all my friends like the old one!

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