My ego feed found Samantha Burns and her crazy rants.

I stay pretty “plugged in” to the flow of information with the help of ego feeds, feed aggregators, real-time searches, etc. I generally look for places where I can get involved in conversations, but periodically I find a new voice who decides to either quote me or mention me by name or with a link. Recently, I’ve discovered The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns and while her blog doesn’t have a biographical page that tells us a lot about her, she’s a prolific writer judging from the number of entries in the 3 months her blog has been up, and a well-written one judging from the quality of her entries.

The reason her blog showed up in my ego feed? She has my blog in rotation on the “random blogroll” section of her left-hand nav. Clever idea on her part, I have to admit. I have a feeling that while her blog is new, she’s not a newbie to the web publishing space and we’ll continue to see more clever stuff happening on her blog.

I just hope I can get her attention before one of the larger professional blog network guys snatches her up. We’ll see.


  1. You have my attention :) Care to explain?

  2. Heh. I found her blog exactly the same way, by winding up on her random list.

    You never know where the hits will come from…

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