This is my flavor of crazy …

So, last night I was pretty deep in the pit of despair. So stressed out, that I was nauseous. What do I do about it?

Instead of sleeping, I stayed up and reworked the design for my blog. I actually think it looks fairly decent, now.


I do love WordPress and how simple it can be to just change out the look and feel of your site with a theme refresh.

Want a custom WordPress theme for your site? I offer such services for a reasonable price. Just ask!


  1. I like your new theme and have enjoying reading through your blog. Can’t believe this is the first time I’ve been here, but you’ve done a nice job here. Good luck with work and I wish you much success.

    • Thanks, Brett. Yeah, I’ll let you in on a secret: after you mentioned looking at my blog, I started reading through your blog, and seeing your blog’s design inspired me to redesign mine. Thanks for that …

  2. Um . . .how do you expect to be cool with no Comic Sans in sight? ;p V. nice layout as usual!

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