The disaster which is my home office

The disaster which is my home office
The disaster which is my home office

Why did I just take a picture of this mess and post it? I’m not exactly proud of my setup, compared to other people’s swank chairs, multi-monitor setups, and so on. There’s nothing really noteworthy about the picture, really.

So, why post it, then? Well, I’m trying to motivate to clean this mess up, and this picture is going to serve as my “before” photo so I can see what kind of progress I’ve made. I’m realizing that I really downplay any progress I actually make when I set out on a task and that really feeds my sadness, anger and depression. Maybe having something tangible to measure against will help me get out of this hole I’ve dug myself into.

Okay, why not keep it to myself, then? Well, posting this publically makes me feel more accountable. Now, you all have seen it and those of you who are inclined to, can help me stay motivated to work on it.

This is an experiment. Hopefully a change in approach combined with the Wellbutrin XL I just started taking can help make a difference.

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  1. Mike McLean says

    Too lazy ATM to do an account signup. Good luck with the office cleanup. If it helps, a moving van showing up does wonders for the cleanup process – LOL. Or, you could do what I was to lazy to do, and just work on cleaning up a little bit at a time!

  2. Mike: Hey! Thanks for the comment. Haven’t heard from you in a while. :-)

    Yes, I do need to tackle things a little at a time, but it’s so easy to just let things slide and never get around to it.

    Hopefully writing about it will help motivate me. We’ll see.

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