cuddle parties! what a great idea.

On one of the many mailing lists I subscribe to, someone sent a plug for an interesting concept called Cuddle Parties. From their site:

What’s a Cuddle Party? you ask. It is an event for adults to get together and explore affectionate touch and communication without it becoming sexualized. At these events, we create the safe space to talk about and explore what our needs are as adults when it comes to affection, intimacy and welcomed touch. In other words, CUDDLING!

That’s right, C-U-D-D-L-I-N-G.

We are touch-and-snuggle deprived. Our need for touch has gotten so packed down and warped and pressurized that we fear its release. These years of “cuddle oppression” have become explosive. The more pressurized the situation, the more the need to suppress it, and the cycle feeds on itself.

I think this a great movement and I hope it gets some legs. Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet REiD and Marcia one day.

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