My first ascension, on Crimboween!

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10/31/06 08:02:22 PM – Welcome back to the Kingdom of Loathing. Noob.

My first ascension ever and I managed to do it on Crimboween! Awesome like woah.

Update: Correction, it wasn’t Crimboween, it was Halloween XI. This coming Porktober 8, it’ll be Crimboween. Lets see if I can ascend then, too! Heh.


  1. And Crimboween is … ?

    I assume NetHack — what were you?

  2. It’s not exactly NetHack–it’s got lots of influences which does include NetHack, though.

    My first ascension was as an Accordion Thief. Supposedly that’s one of the harder classes to ascend as, but I think it was a piece of cake. :-)

  3. I’ve always wondered about this game.

    Wasted many an hour playing Nethack… especially back in the days when it was just “Hack”. I even ported another Roguelike (Omega) to C++ several years ago. It’s about 90% finished. I need to get back to it some day, I think.

    I may have to check this dealie out…

  4. Congradulations, what is your players ID, i’ll send you some gifts.


  5. filadelfiva: Thanks, but that’s not necessary. I sent you a kmail anyway, just to say hi, though. :-)

  6. good job at your ascension. I hope you are blessed with more.

  7. Thanks, devan! I’m all set to ascend again so I should be able to ascend on the proper Crimboween 2006.

    It’s actually hard resisting ascending now and then trying to get ready to ascend again on Crimboween. The temptation is killing me. :-)

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