nsjsapi, server-side JS in AOLserver

After sitting on this code for long enough, I finally committed it to
CVS today: nsjsapi,
a module that uses the Mozilla SpiderMonkey
JavaScript-C engine for server-side JavaScript in AOLserver.

This is just my initial check-in of very basic working code. I’d
call it pre-alpha quality at this stage: it doesn’t do very much (yet)
and it’s likely to be wildly unstable. But, I’m making it available to
the world so folks can check it out, hack on it, give feedback, etc.

The code lives in SourceForge CVS: http://aolserver.com/sf/cvs/nsjsapi.
When it becomes suitable for more widespread use, it’ll get tagged and
released, but for now, it’s a “use at your own risk” kind of thing.



  1. Hi Dossy,

    If you have free time, I would love to see a sample just to give me and everyone who’s interested an idea on how to use it.



  2. Hamilton: As I said, it’s really pre-alpha right now. There’s not too much you can “do” with it, except evaluate JavaScript from your Tcl code. A quick example:

    dossy.org:nscp 1> set js [js create]
    dossy.org:nscp 2> js eval $js "new Date()"
    Fri Feb 23 2007 21:27:28 GMT-0500 (EST)
    dossy.org:nscp 3> js destroy $js

    None of the AOLserver API is exposed to JavaScript, yet. None of the useful W3C DOM JavaScript is implemented, yet. But, I thought this might encourage people interested in the effort to contribute towards the effort. Even your showing of interest is good: it’s encouraging to work on something that people actually want. :-)

    I’ll post again once it’s a bit more usable by the mainstream, with some meaningful examples. For now, it’s mostly a code-hacker-only thing, I guess.

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