The Northern NJ MySQL August 8th Meetup

Mary C. Joyce, a digital activism consultant, will be speaking at our August 8th meetup. She researches how ordinary people can use technologies like the Internet and cell phones to organize for political change, and blogs at

Rayt (logo) Mary will be presenting Rayt, a Firefox browser add-on that would allow users to post a comment on any website via a standard Firefox banner. Rayt would also allow users to rayt (rate) each other’s comments, moving the most interesting comments to the front of the banner and spam comments to the end. Rayt gives ordinary people as much power as governments or corporations as to what information is presented on the web. Finally, Web 2.0 is a reality.

To learn more about Rayt and see screenshots:

If you plan to attend the Northern NJ MySQL August 8th Meetup, please RSVP by the 7th so we can get an idea as to how many people will be attending so we can try to accomodate everyone.

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  1. Dossy,

    I was at the hackfest a couple of days ago hoping to finally have the chance to meet you. I’d love to attend next week’s meeting but my kids are dying to see Romeo & Juliet, and it’s being performed that same day, live in Staib Park, Hackensack.

    Hope to see you another time. I’m following you on Twitter so I’m getting your updates about meeting times &c.

  2. Kimi: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that I missed the hackfest, then–I’ve been busy with work and just couldn’t make it. I won’t be able to make it to the next one either, as I’ll be out of town on a family vacation.

    Feel free to follow me on Twitter and we’ll definitely connect eventually!

  3. Thanks for blogging about my presentation, Dossy!

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