Jo Lupo says: There’s plenty of backdoor access for everyone!

During last night’s Eureka episode, “A Night at Global Dynamics,” a priceless line was spoken by Jo’s character: “Boys, there’s plenty of backdoor access for everyone!” I couldn’t believe the script writers got away with it! I tip my hat to you guys, I’m still laughing and smiling at that scene. To preserve this gem of television magic, I ripped it off the TiVo and uploaded it:

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  1. Not only “plenty of backdoors” but everyone stopped what they were doing, looked at her… and then she followed up with “that didn’t come out right”.

    And Taggart’s “We need a bigger womb”. Some good lines in that episode :-)

  2. Just after look at that episode and Googled it straight away to see if anyone else was thinking the same as I.

    Well I guess there was and Jo Lupo’s backdoor access would be nice!!

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