Need help managing your Twitter Karma?

So, I finally let the cat out of the bag a few minutes ago and announced Twitter Karma publically.

Twitter Karma screenshot from 2007-12-19

So, what is it? The other day, @StephAgresta said, “Twitter desperately needs page navigation on followers / following list. Also sort functionality by type (reciprocated or not) is a must.” I suggested a simple mashup that implements this and started hacking on it. Three days later, it has enough functionality that Stephanie said she thinks I should release it publically.

Basically, it’s a Flash application that fetches your friends and followers from Twitter when you click the “Whack!” button, then displays them for you, letting you quickly paginate through them. By default, the list contains all your friends and followers and is sorted by last update, showing those who most recently updated first. You can sort the list alphabetically either ascending or descending by Twitter ID. You can filter the list in several ways: only friends or only followers, all friends or all followers, and mutual friends.

It’s not meant to be a full Twitter client–there’s plenty of those already and that’s not a particularly interesting or challenging problem to solve, anyway. I’ll be adding a few more features to Twitter Karma soon, though. If you think you have a must-have feature idea, go ahead and let me know about it in the comments.

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  1. I like this!

    Since this is my first visit I’ll say Thanks first…


    Now to a request, gosh does everyone have to have a request?
    Is there some way to have the “names” displayed above, or below
    the twitter usernames?

    Just a thought…

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave

  2. ECS Dave: Hmm, I could try adding the Twitter user’s “name” to the display, see how that fits … might need a bit of tweaking to get it to fit nicely. We’ll see how that works out, okay?

  3. I agree about the “status” or “state” – I WANNA KNOW MY KARMA! Like, number form or something. Or a scale, yeah. Kudos on the app btw, it’s awesome. It’s helping me become more fair, so I can reciprocal add those who add me much easier.

  4. The reason why I haven’t put in a “karma number” is because it will indirectly influence how some people use Twitter, which is bad.

  5. Dossy-
    Great application! Thank you so much for building this.

    If it’s not too difficult, I would really love it if the application showed each person’s followers/following and tweet counts also, and if you could sort the results by those.

    Either way, I really appreciate your substantial contribution to the Twitter experience.

  6. James: Interesting suggestion – sorting on number of friends/followers and tweet counts – probably a fast way to identify the spam accounts. I’ll see what I can do …

  7. What I’d be interested in is seeing a list of those I am following, and whether or not each of them are following me. Along with that I would want a simple checkbox for” unfollowing,” so that I could drop those who don’t follow me in an easy way.

    There are little apps that allow that now, but it’s a cumbersome process that requires a few click and jumping back and forth to and from different windows.


  8. this is such a fun tool! Love it :)

  9. I put in the wrong password, and it won’t let me go back and correct. I close IE and try again, and it remembers me. Argh….The area to sign in as another user doesn’t work. It looks like a great tool. Let me know if you can resolve this! :)

  10. I entered my name wrong on the twitter/karma… how do I redo it, I’ve tried going away, got rid of the cookie, etc. and it still defaults to a no statics page
    can you help?

  11. I am using twitter karma as recommended by Dana and hmmm..15 minutes have passed and it still shows “loading”

  12. This looks great and will help me out. Thanks for your hard work!

  13. Hi Dossy, awesome tool!

    I tried a bulk follow for all my subscribers and got this message. Do you know why? I read somewhere that I should only try twitter karma once a day.. Is that the answer?


    Please note: There are currently outstanding Twitter API bugs that prevent the correct operation of Twitter Karma. For more information, see:

    * Issue #55: Friends/followers API methods do not always include last tweet


  14. This doesn’t seem to be working for me. I selected all “following” and then checked all, but when I try to bulk unfollow it just unchecks everyone.

  15. I can’t bulk unfollow. I get nothing in results and a message Issue #55.

  16. I am having big problems with your site. I tried to bulk unfollow unfollowers. It took every category down to zero on your site but did nothing on Twitter. I cannot sign out, which I am trying to do so I can sign back in and try again. And now all it shows is this:

    Showing 0 out of 0

    [ 0 only following, 0 mutual friends, 0 only followers ]

  17. Just have to say THANK YOU for such a simple, effective tool!

  18. Michael: You have likely exceeded your hourly Twitter API request limit. I’ve been meaning to add code that will handle that situation better–at least let you know that’s the case–but for now, what you’re seeing is the typical behavior when that happens.

    Sorry … right now, there’s not much more I can do about it.

  19. Thanks heaps for this awesome tool! Helped me to clear out deadwood who aren’t twittering anymore.

  20. This product was recommended to me, however it does not seem to be working the way in which I saw in his video. The problem is as follows:

    As LASnark on December 28th and Lisa on January 3rd state. You cannot bulk unfollow or follow, haven’t tried bulk block. When you check off all those that you want to unfollow and click on unfollow all the check marks disappear. The unfollow button stays with a border around it like it is working after an hour nothing at all everything still there. Have tried this numerous times now using both IE 7 and Firefox to no avail.

    Is this a permanent problem. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I love everything else about it, if this unfollow thing starts working it will be AWESOME.


  21. Keith: As soon as you click the button, a request is sent up to process the bulk operation. Unfortunately, I didn’t provide any visual feedback that anything was actually happening. I’ve now added a simple alert dialog that lets you know that the request was sent, and that you’ll have to check back later to check on progress.

    I hope this helps reduce the confusion.

  22. Hi Again

    Just wanted to say that I must retract my previous comment at 2:56 p.m. This time when I used the unfollow it did i work. It just doesn’t give you an indication that it has completed its task. The unfollow button when you click on it gets a blue border around it to show that it has been clicked this remains on the button forever as if it is still doing its thing. None of the unfollows disappear until you go completely out of the program then come back in as with Twitter.

    Great program however if at all possible can something be done to show that the program has finished the task. The way it is now you don’t know when to go out of the program if it is to early nothing happens as in my previous attempts.

    Anyway thanks for a terrific program.


  23. Damn I wasn’t expecting a reply back so soon, so I posted another comment. You have answered my question perfectly and sorry for all the comments. You beat me to the punch.

  24. how long should the bulk unfollow take? i’ve used this tool before to bulk unfollow like 15-20 people and it worked like a champ. I’ve tried now to bulk unfollow about 300 people and it doesnt appear to work.

    I’ve tried it 2 or 3 times over the last couple of days, i get the new pop up you added saying it is being processed but when i log into twitter they are all still there…

  25. kris: Don’t expect bulk operations of more than 80 or so people to work. Or, rather, only expect the first 80 or so to work and the rest to be ignored. This is a function of the Twitter API rate limit; once Twitter Karma hits it, it stops.

  26. Hi, great application! I do have a question: Is it the norm to be unable to get to my account sometimes on Karma? Meaning I login and the screen changes to all 0’s no followers, etc.
    Is it just too busy, or am I needing to do something else?
    Steve Simon

  27. Steve: Yes, for people with a large number of Twitter friends and followers, it is fairly normal to exhaust your hourly Twitter API rate limit, after which point applications like Twitter Karma will no longer be able to make requests on your behalf until the hour expires.

    I might get motivated to request the user’s remaining API requests for the hour and immediately “fail” if you wouldn’t have enough to fetch your data — but, for now, we just live with what we’ve got. It’s easy to wait an hour and reload. :-)

  28. I guess I’m kinda late. I just recently found out about this (today) via two other websites who linked to it. I absolutely love it. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to any of the modifications or enhancements that you may perform on it in the future.

  29. STRAIGHTALK says

    Very nice and smart tool you got going on here.. No problems with it to report but to say I really like to gizzmo..

    Norman Flecha
    151 years

  30. Okay – I’m closing comments now – I really don’t want people dropping comments here just trying to promote their websites. If you have a real problem with Twitter Karma, just email me.

    Leaving comments about Twitter Karma on other blog entries will just get deleted. Please don’t waste my time.


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