Life is getting in the way of my blogging

Things have gotten seriously busy lately. I’ll try to re-cap some highlights:


I’ve just joined the Ridgewood chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society after being a guest at their meetings for the past few weeks. This is a great complimentary activity to my singing in my church choir. We meet on Monday nights in Wyckoff, NJ, and it is a lot of fun.


We survived the girls’ birthdays again, this year we celebrated at Skylands Ice World up in Stockholm, NJ. Everyone had lots of fun and it just felt good to be out on the ice again. You aren’t allowed to bring in outside food, so I was nervous about the quality of the in-house catering as you effectively have no other choice, but it was surprisingly good! If you or your kids like to skate, this is definitely a place I’d recommend for a party.


Work has been keeping me busy and engaged as usual, working on developing products that will generate serious revenue. I really wish I could talk about them in more detail, but I can’t. Perhaps I’ll be able to link to a press release or two, soon.


I recently decided that I’d had enough of the annoying markup that ecto 3 generated and went looking for an alternative. A few people recommended MarsEdit 2 so I gave it a try. Let me put it this way: after 10 minutes of playing with it in my trial period, I bought it. It’s somewhat unfortunate as ecto was so close to being just right, but the few annoyances really got on my nerves after all this time. I think I would have hung in there except it seems like ecto’s development has pretty much stopped, but when I registered my copy of MarsEdit, I got an email from Daniel Jalkut, thanking me. That seemed like a good sign, you know?


I’ve probably forgotten a bunch of things that I wanted to mention, but at least this is a start.



  1. FlashTweet says

    Yay first blog post! It is finally nice to meet the man behind TweetKarma! On average, how many hours a day do you work Dossy?

  2. On average? Goodness … 12? 14? I gave up trying to keep count a long time ago.

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