Stanley Burrell, yes, Hammer, is now blogging, too

Just a quick note before I really start my day … Niall Kennedy points out that Stanley Burrell, the legendary Hammer (or “MC Hammer” as he was previously known), is now blogging on the MC Hammer Blog. He’s also doing some podcasting and moblogging too, but start by reading his first entry.

Spike Lee really gets it when he tries to spread the message that we should be celebrating the good stuff in life. Of course we all have bad stuff happen all the time, but why should rap and hip-hop degenerate into a massive pity-party for black people? I think Hammer gets this when he writes:

[…] Through the blog I will eliminate sensationalism. You will have access to my many thoughts and truly get to know me without an intermediate.

Video on demand will allow you to see my art, my life and work on demand and without the infection of those who have hidden agendas. This is the revolution and it is on demand. There is no stopping this movement and you can’t contain it. The music was built from the vibrations and the call of the people.

We will dance.

There will be many steps in this dance. Learn the movements. Respect my get down. Notice the strength of the women in these videos. See the joy of the kids. The young man at the end of the first “Look” video is my ten year old son Stanley Burrell Jr. I turn them loose and lift them up. They are strong and beautiful. I applaud their strengths and I create an environment that focuses on their gifts. When I launch The Look Tour you will witness what the power of music, dance, technology, God and community truly is on another level. Witness the maturation of Hip Hop.

I won’t be just performing but we together will be celebrating the Art Of The Dance.

Yeah, he gets it. “Through the blog I will eliminate sensationalism.” “Witness the maturation of Hip Hop.” Nailed it. Almost makes me wonder if Hammer’s read Naked Conversations.

Anyway, MC Hammer’s music was a big part of the soundtrack of my childhood, and I’ve always been surprised that he steered clear of the whole gangsta mess. Now, he’s once again entering my life in a big way, this time through his blogging and transparency, and his positive outlook and message. Maybe he’ll be a big influence on my own childrens’ childhoods as well. I think I’d quite like that.


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