This blog post cost me 6 minutes

Lawyer's Wall Clock

It’s interesting how my perception of time has changed, now that I’m regularly measuring everything in 6 or 15 minute increments–typical units of billable time.

For example, just finding the image and writing this blog post has “cost” me 6 minutes, time not spent doing billable work. Of course, at some very indirect level, I’m hoping that this is an investment toward future revenue, but measuring the ROI of this activity is nearly impossible.

It also has shown me that even though I might work a 12+ hour day, squeezing 8 full billable hours out is a lot harder than I thought. There’s plenty of non-billable time throughout the day, either time I choose not to bill for or activities required to run my business that I can’t bill for.

Anyway, back to working on billable items …


  1. Seems that you are suffering from 6 minute increment disorder. Watch for my post next week on this subject.

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